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We need your help to raise $7,500 to bring Capacity of Cloth, a stimulating and innovative textiles and technology exhibit to the Heritage Winooski Mill Museum.

From April-August 2020, Capacity of Cloth will be on display and free to the public. Supporting events will include a free artist presentation, public art opening, educational school tours, and STEAM workshops.

A revolution of textiles and new technologies!
Capacity of Cloth
takes a look at innovative textiles happening today by six artists working in the Textiles and Materiality Research Cluster at Concordia University in Montreal. The artwork to be displayed was developed alongside scientists and other technical practitioners to explore new ways of combining textiles and technology. The stimulating exhibit, juxtaposed with historic mill artifacts, will give viewers an understanding of how far innovative textiles have come and spark wonderment of what the future holds.

Bringing this exhibit to Winooski will foster community well-being.
We can only make this amazing opportunity happen with your support. Your contributions will help us improve our gallery and exhibition offerings to better reflect the interests of our diverse community and stress our focus on connecting the past with issues that matter to the community today.

Thank you for helping us reach our goal!

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Heritage Winooski Mill Museum
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Are you a college student looking for a project or some hands on experience? Perhaps you are a community member who would like to lend a hand in supporting our local history. Volunteers are always welcome and there are many ways you can pitch in!  We can always use extra help!

Some ways student and community volunteers have helped in the past are:

  • aiding with school tours and/or events

  • cataloging collections

  • writing news articles

  • planning fundraisers

For volunteer opportunities, please contact us: (802)-355-9937 or email:

Tell Your Story

Did you or someone you know work at the mill? We would love to hear and record your story. If you would like to be interviewed, please contact us: (802)-355-9937 or email: